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Rubber Cork Sheet

Rubber Cork sheet is a compound of cork and rubber made by using granulated cork and synthetic rubber polymer and their assistants. The product has properties of high resilience of rubber and compressibility of cork, so its performance is excellent. It can be used as gaskets of various engines of automobiles, tractors, plants, ships, and pipes petroleum, transformers electric equipment and apparatuses. It is a kind of new type high-grade static sealing materials used to seal low and medium pressure.


Item Graded by hardness
Hardness: Shore A 55-70(Medium) 70-85(Hard)
Density: g/cm3 ≤0.9(Medium) ≤1.05(Hard)
Tensile Strength: kg/cm2 ≥15(Medium) ≥20(Hard)
Compressibility (% 300psi load) 15-30(Medium) 10-20(Hard)
Sealing Pressure(min) 28kg/cm2
Internal Pressure(max) 3.5kgf/cm2
Service Temp(max) -40~120~150℃
Rubber Type NBR
Cork Granules 0.25-120mm

Size: Thickness: 0.8mm to 100mm

950×640mm, 915×610mm, 600 x 1200mm.

Packing: Carton or plastic woven bag.

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