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Oil-resisting Asbestos rubber sheet

Other name: Oil resisting asbestos jointing sheet, oil resisting compressed asbestos fiber jointing sheet, oil resisting CAF gasket sheet, oil resisting asbestos sheet, oil resisting paronite, etc.

This series include: NY150, NY250, NY300, NY400, NY510, HNY300.

Made of good long asbestos Fiber, oil-resistance synthetic rubber and heat-resisting packing material, compressing it to thick paper. Used for the equipment in gasoline, mineral oil, fuel, hot chemical solvent oil and alkali medium and used as sealing material in the joints of pipeline.

Available Sizes: Thickness: 0.3mm to 5mm,
1500 x 1500mm, 1500 x 1360mm, 1500 x 1000mm, 1270 x 1270mm.

The other size is optional or according to the requirements of customers.

At the same time, steel wire net inserted (coated graphite one side or two side) is available.

Packing: in wooden pallet of about 1000 kgs, 2000kgs net each.

Product  data  sheet

Item NY510 NY400 NY300 NY250 NY150 HNY300
Horizontal Strain MPa≥ 18.0 15.0 12.7 11.0 9.0 12.7
Compressibility % 7~17
Rebound degree 50 45 35 50
Worm change Relaxation rate % ≤ 45 _ 45
Density g/cm³ 1.9 ~ 2.0
Nitrogen leakage rate [(ml/h.mm)] ≤ 300
Normal temperature Pliability Bend 180 degree on the round column (the column diameter is 12 multiple sample thickness, No crack
Dipped in IRM903 oil with 149℃ for 5 hours Horizontal Strain MPa≥ 15.0 12.0 9.0 7.0 5.0 9.0
Weight increasing % ≤ 30
Appearance change _ No bubble
Dipped in ASTM fuel oil B with 21℃-30℃ for 5 hours Thickness increasing% 0 ~ 20 _ 0 ~ 20
Pliability Bend 180 degree on the round column (the column diameter is 12 multiple sample thickness, No crack
Cauterization to the metal material _ No Cauterization
Normal temperature oil Airtightness Medium pressure MPa 18 16 15 10 8 15
Airtightness request Keep for 30min, no leak
classify Grade Recommended Uses range
General industrial use Oil-resisting CAF jointing NY510 Max working temperature:510℃ max working pressure:5.0MPa
NY400 Max working temperature:400℃ max working pressure:4.0MPa
NY300 Max working temperature:300℃ max working pressure:3.0MPa
NY250 Max working temperature:250℃ max working pressure:2.5MPa
NY150 Max working temperature:150℃ max working pressure:1.5MPa
Aviation industrial use HNY300 Used to Blow 300℃ aircraft fuel,Petroleum base lubricating oils and pneumatic system seal gasket
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