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No-asbestos composite gasket sheet

Other name: Cylinder Head Gasket Sheet, No-asbestos composite sheet, No-asbestos composite beater sheet, Reinforced no-asbestos sheet, No-asbestos reinforced beater sheet.

No-asbestos composite gasket sheet manufactured from no-asbestos beater sheet(asbestos content is about 5%) with mechanically clinched to 0.18 ~ 0.25mm thick carbon steel tanged (perforated) metal sheet - 08F tinplate insert. It is best gasket material for motorcycle and automobile cylinder head gasket. 

The construction include: 

  1. No-asbestos beater sheet + tinplate + no-asbestos beater sheet.
  2. No-asbestos beater sheet + SS304/316 + no-asbestos beater sheet.

Available with Both Size Coating Graphite or Silicon Resin.
Available Size:
Thickness: 1.0mm ~ 3.0mm
400mm x 1000mm, 500mm x 1000mm, 500mm x 1200mm, 500mm x 1500mm, 510mm x 1016mm, 1000mm x 1000mm.
Color: Gray, Black, Red, Green.
The other size is optional or according to the requirements of customers.

Technical  Date  Sheet

Item Standard data
Density g/cm³ 1.3~1.5
working temperature ℃ -200~250
Compressibility % 15~20
Recovery ≥ % 40
causticity Cusp no rusty
Tensile strength MPa ≥ 7.0
Compressive Strength MPa ≥ 80.0
Carbon content ≥ % 98
Ash content <% 1
With the temperature of 150±2℃, Soaking 20# fluid oil for 5 hours, MPa≥ oil absorption %≤ 25
Thickness-increasing %≤ 0~10
Stripping performance No stripe
With the temperature of 15 to 30℃, Soaking 75# kerosene for 5 hours, MPa≥ oil absorption %≤ 15
Thickness-increasing %≤ 0~15
Stripping performance No stripe
With the temperature of 100℃, Soaking distilled water for 5 hours, MPa≥ water absorption %≤ 15
Thickness-increasing %≤ 0~15
Stripping performance No strip
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