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Fiberglass Yarn


Fiberglass Texturized yarn

Description: It is produced by texturizing process with high pressure air. The products have high strength, able to bear high temperature,corrosion resistant, such advantages as insulating ability is good and fire resistant, used for keeping, the insulating material warm, insulating against heat, can make other products. It with metallic can extensively apply to friction materials. It is the excellent substitute for asbestos.Texturized glass fiber yarn with metallic (copper wire, nickel wire or stainless wire) CAZ-GF200I are also available. 
Spec: 200tex~4800tex, 20kgs/CTN.
Filament size: 6, 8, 9,11 to 13,17μm.

Fiberglass Roving

Description:It is the most basic type in the material of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), have good insulation and heat resistance. Mainly used in FRP, for making fiberglass roving cloth, texturized yarn and chopping reinforcement. 
E/C-fiberglass Roving.
Spec: E/C-550, 1100,1200, 1500, 1750, 2200, 2400tex, 20kgs/CTN.
Filament size: 6, 9, 11 to 13μm.

Fiberglass Twisted Roving

Description: For Making texturized yarn and fiberglass fabric. 
E/C-Fiberglass Twisted Roving
Spec: E/C-550, 1100, 1200, 1500, 1750, 2200, 2400tex, 20kgs/CTN.
Filament size: 6, 9, 11 to 13μm.

Fiberglass Yarn Twisted with Copper wire

Description:Fiberglass yarn twisted with copper wire.
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