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Dust Free Asbestos Braided Square Rope (FD103)

Asbestos Braided Square Rope Description: 1. Asbestos braided square rope is squire braided by dust free asbestos yarn, composed of around 99% asbestos fiber and 1% chemical powder.

Usage: Extensively used as heat insulation materials on thermal installations and heat conduction systems. Possessing the properties of fireproof, heat insulation, thermal retention, electric insulation and alkali resistance, padding and sealing stuff are essential to modern machinery, electrical machinery, steamship boiler, electrical engineering and other industries.

Dust free Asbestos Braided Square Rope Specification:
Color: White.
Loss on ignition: less than 450 °C.
Working Temperature: ≤450 °C.
Size: 6mm×6mm to 50mm×50mm.

Packaging: In woven plastic bales of 40 or 50kgs net each.

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