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Cold-resistance Conveyor Belt

Product Feature
Adopting cotton canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas as the belt core and the combined natural rubber and butadiene rubber as cover rubber, the cold-resistance conveyor belt has high elasticity, impact resistance, cold resistance and the like, and can be normally used at a temperature of 40 ℃ below zero.
Purpose: It is suitable for conveying materials at open-air or cold storage warehouses and the like in cold regions.

Technical data:

On the basis of cover rubber performance, the cold-resistance conveyor belt is classified into three types of fracture resistance type (H), wear resistance type (D) and common type (L).

On the basis of cold resistance performance, the cold-resistance conveyor belt can be classified into two grades of C1 and C2, wherein C1 is used at a temperature between 45 ℃ below zero and 50 ℃, and C2 is used at a temperature between 60 ℃below zero and 50 ℃.

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