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Borosilicate Reflex Gauge Glass

Reflex glasses is made from high Borosilicate, It can be used with all media except steam at service conditions up to 6MPa and temperature up to 430 °C.

The side facing the medium chamber is provided with moulded grooves set at 90° angles. The moulding process increases the resistance of the glass grooves to wear; the skin which the glass attains during moulding gives it maximum smoothness and hardness.This makes it extremely resistant to the attack of boiler water.

It is used in level gauge in boiler for water position. It is also named: Reflex Gauge Glass, Sight glass, Reflex Glasses, Reflex sight glass, Spares For level Gauge.


  1. Type A:
    400x30x17mm (A11 ; AXI )                                  370x30x17mm ( A10 ; AX )                       340x30x17mm (A9 ; AIX )         320x30x17mm (A8 ; AVIII )                                  280x30x17mm ( A7 ; AVII )                       250x30x17mm (A6 ; AVI )     220x30x17mm ( A5 ; AV )                                    190x30x17mm (A4 ; AIV)                          165x30x17mm ( A3 ; AIII )       140x30x17mm ( A2 ; AII )                                    115x30x17mm ( A1 ; AI )                           95x30x17mm  (A0)
  2. Type B:
    400x34x17mm (B11 ; BXI)                                   370x34x17mm ( B10 ; BX )                       340x34x17mm ( B9 ; BIX )                320x34x17mm ( B8 ; BVIII )                                 280x34x17mm ( B7 ; BVII )                       250x34x17mm ( B6 ; BVI )
    220x34x17mm ( B5 ; BV )                                    190x34x17mm ( B4 ; BIV )                        165x34x17mm ( B3 ; BIII )         140x34x17mm ( B2 ; BII )                                    115x34x17mm ( B1 ; BI )                           95x34x17mm  (B0)                       
  3. The other size is optional or according to the requirements of customers.

Installation instructions

Applications/ Use and Care

Please read the following information — it concerns your safety.

Each of our sight and gauge glass carefully manufactured and tested. It can only fill its duties safely and to your complete satisfaction if both the working conditions and information about its assembly and use are taken into account. We are pleased to provide you with some information on this page.

Fittings: You should always observe the manufacturer's instructions for assembling and changing sight and gauge glasses.

The basic fittings and flanges must satisfy the normal requirements for working under temperature and pressure conditions. It is particularly important that the flatness and freedom from distortion of the sealing surfaces can be guaranteed. These must satisfy at least the same requirements as are guaranteed for the sight and gauge glasses. The flatness should be checked when the sealing surfaces have been thoroughly and completely cleaned.

Never reuse a sight or gauge glass that has already been exposed to process conditions.

Sealing material: Always use new gaskets for assembly and use the sea-manufacturer of the fittings. These gaskets must also be flat and undamaged.

Mica protection  shields can be used to increase the working life of sight and gauge glasses and to allow them to be exposed to higher temperatures. However reflex glasses cannot be protected in this way. During assembly the glass must always be centred in the fitting in order to avoid a glass-metal contact. The correct sequence must always be observed when assembling the glass, gasket and mica protection shield.

Sequence for Tightening Cover Bolts/ Nuts
Tightening the Fitting screws:
First tighten
The clean and greased nuts by hand. Then tighten them In the sequence shown in the Diagram Always start in the middle and then work outwards on alternate sides. Finally, tighten the flange bolts or nuts to the exact torque given by the manufacturer.

During operating processes  never try to clean the glass by mechanical means, never tighten up the nuts and bolts of the fitting and never perform other work on the fitting.

Transport packing is used to protect the glasses. Please leave the glass in packing until they are required for use and avoid contact with other glass or metal components.

Sight and gauge glasses which are scratched, chipped, pitted or any other surface damage exist, should never be used.

Sight and gauge glass condition

Checks should be carried out regularly; when used in new and unknown processes daily. Keep maintenance records and replace the glasses on a regular basis. Look for damage, scratches and loss of substance.

Cleaning the glasses: please only use commercially available glass cleaning agents to clean the glasses. Never use wire brushes, metal scrapers, or other sharp-edged items Which could scratch the glass and make it unusable. Opaque and rough glasses which cannot be cleaned with simple cleaning agents should be replaced.

Our aim is to inform and advise our customers. Nevertheless, general values obtained from experience and test results simply cannot be applied to particular and specific applications. Too many factors which we cannot influence play a role. We must therefore ask you to appreciate that no claims can be made which may arise as a result of any advice we may have provided. You are responsive to property care for and maintain the sight glasses.

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