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Asbestos Packing With Oil and Graphite

Other name: Asbestos packing;  Asbestos Packing Lubricated And Graphite

This kind of packing is made of high quality asbestos yarn. Impregnated with lubricant of finished with graphite.

Asbestos braided packing lubricated and graphite with inconel wire or brass wire or Stainless Steel Wire is available.

Usage: Used as sealing material on rotary shafts, reciprocating pistons and valve spindles. The working  medium are steam. air industrial water, petroleum, etc.

Technical data sheet

Pressure Mpa 2 2 15
Temperature °C < 300
Linear speed M/S 4 1.5 2.5
PH range 4 - 10

Size: From 6 x 6 mm to 50 x 50mm.

Packaging: In coils of 5 or 10 kg, other weight on request;  as precut length.

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