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Asbestos beater sheet/paper

The other name: Asbestos beater paper, asbestos emulsion sheet, asbestos latex paper, asbestos paper.
Asbestos beater sheet is made from synthetic latex, asbestos fiber and filling material. Normal used for automobile, agricultural machinery, motorcycle, engineering machinery etc, suitable for lubricating oil under temperature 200℃, usually it will be composited with tinplate to asbestos composite sheet.

This series include: Asbestos beater paper, Vulcanized asbestos beater sheet.

  1. Asbestos beater paper, Usually it is used to be composited with tinplate to asbestos composite sheet.
  2. Vulcanized Asbestos beater sheet, it is based asbestos beater paper and by vulcanized, it has smooth face and high density, it can be cut into all kinds of gasket directly for engine sump,gearbox seal gasket.

Size: Thickness: 0.5mm to 2mm, Length: 500mm, 1000mm, 1200mm,1500mm, width: 500mm, 1000mm.

Color: Grey, Black, White, graphite, Green, Red.

Technical  data  sheet

Item Type
Asbestos beater paper Vulcanized asbestos beater sheet
Density g/cm3 1.0~1.2 1.3~1.5
Tensile strength   ≥Mpa 1.5~5 2.5~8
Compressibility    ≥% 40±7 20±5
Recovery         ≥% 20 40
Burning Loss %≤ 24 24
Stress relaxation   ≤% 35 30
Water contents ≤% 3 3
Anti-fluid IRM #903 Normal Oil 150℃ x h Change in thickness % ≤25 ≤ 20
Change in weight % ≤40 ≤35
ASTM Fuel B RT x 5h Change in thickness % ≤25 ≤20
Change in weight % ≤45 ≤35
H2O:CH2OH)2 =1:1 100℃ x 5h Change in thickness % ≤60 ≤40
Change in weight % ≤60 ≤50
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